• Attendance to the library
  • On-site use – At our library the reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries), the periodicals and the sound recording collection are available for on-site use.
  • Catalogue searching devices (the catalogue can also be accessed at )
  • Information – We are glad to provide written and verbal (on the spot/ by telephone) information for our visitors.

For members only:

  • Borrowing
  • Internet-club membership
  • Interlibrary loan

Membership is taken out through the admission procedure, and is valid for one year. It enables borrowing documents from the library and allows the usage of the computers.

Membership must be renewed in every 12 months by  the admission procedure. The following particulars should be certified at admission:
name, mother’s name, date and place of birth, address, workplace and profession, number of (student) ID
Further voluntarily given information may be: email adress and telephone number
For people under the age of 18, the signature of a parent/legal representative is also needed.

Any changes in personal particulars must be indicated towards the library. There is no admission fee.

1. Borrowing, renewal of due date:
Valid membership card is needed to borrow any documents from the library.

With one library membership card for one occasion (a 4 week period) 3 books can be borrowed for members under 14 and 6 books for members older than the age of 14.

After the expiration of the 4 week deadline- if the document is still needed- the due date must be renewed.

Appliance for the renewal must be done until the day of the expiration or the following day.
◦     Renewal can be done (for one member, for one document) once, for 2 weeks.
◦     Renewal can only be done for documents which are not yet reserved.

Further documents can not be borrowed until financial debts are paid and unreturned documents are returned.

2. Reserving and interlibrary loan
Reserving –  in case the required book is already borrowed, one can make a reservation, and when the reserved documents are returned the library notify the readers by email or by telephone.
Interlibrary loan – In case the required book is not in stock, we lend it from an other library
(From 01.02.2007. the fees of the documentum delivery -non-recurrent postal charge- must be paid by the reader.)
If documents can only be sent in copies, the charges are determined by the supplying institutuion.
Fees must be paid when the documents are received.
Conditions of the interlibrary loan (e.g. lenght of due date, on the spot usage only, interdiction of photocopying, overdue charge) are determined by the supplying institution.
Appliance for the renewal must be done at least 3 days before the day of expiration.

3. Expiration, lost or damaged documents, charges
Warning letters are sent to readers overrunning day of appearance.

First letter is sent on the 15th calendar day, a second warning letter is sent on the 29th day and the third is on the 60th day counted from the day of expiration. Overdue charge is -5HUF/day/document and the postal charge of the letters.

The borrower must take care of the documents of the library. If the document is lost or damaged the library charges a compensation fee which is the collection price of the document.
Members are not permitted to use the services until settling their financial debts.

The same document (of the same edition) is accepted as compensation for lost or destroyed documents. Otherwise a compensation fee that is the collection price of the document is determined by the library (e.g. price of photocopying and binding the full document, etc.)

4. Computer services

  • Use of the internet
  • email sending
  • eMagyarország Pont

The use of electronic catalogues is free of charge for all of our visitors. Computers may be used independently for surfing the web, searching for information and sending emails. Documents found can be downloaded (and saved to any personal data carrier) or printed (we charge some money for that). During the use of computers please do mind the rules of the library and that of courtesy! Take good care not to violate your fellow readers’ rights to silence, recreation and reading!

5. Rules of internet use
The internet service ensured by the library may be used for gathering general information or for personal inquiry.

Only those programs which were installed or permitted by the operator are allowed to run on the computers of the library. Any damage (copyright-, law-, technical-, other issues) caused by violating this rule is to be paid by the user.

Changing the configuration of the computers is strictly prohibited!
Users must not connect any personal appliance to the heavy current system of the library.
Only the equipment necessary for notetaking may be taken to the computers.
The computer user must always respect the regulations when using the equipments of the library.
Any damage caused deliberately to the computers must be paid by the user.

Internet service is prohibited to use for:

  • business matters (advertising, trading products)
  • illegal actions (unauthorized destruction of network resources/data stored on the network; spreading programs/information that may be harmful for the safety of the network; disrespectful behaviour in religious, ethnical, political or in other topics, upsetting behaviour, etc.)
  • visiting websites that are offending general taste or morality

The József Attila Library grants public internet access, therefore it is not responsible for the documents stored/downloaded/created on the computers appointed for public access, and may delete them any time -without prior notice-.
The user is responsible for every activity done on the computer used by him/her during the time of usage.

6. Further information
The Registration desk must be visited after arrival and before leaving the library.

To guarantee the safety of the library documents and for the sake of the comfort of our visitors, please use the coat- and case lockers or the coat rack in the lobby.