Why should you go to the library?

There are a lot of interesting and colorful books to choose from and borrow. You can get help with your homework and other school work. You will not get bored here, as there are fascinating books, all waiting for you. You only have to look for them! You can participate in the programs of the library, and join the competitons. If longing for a place to relax, hop on the beanbags of the library’s Teen-snug. Its going to be fun!

Just come, and read, borrow, ask, play, and have a good time!

Bearing between the shelves

 Order of the books

Every book has its own place in the library. This enables us to find them quickly. If you do not remember where you have taken your book from, leave it on the table, or ask the librarian! The usage of a place marker is recommended while searching. The place marker, as its name suggests, marks the place of the book on the shelf. If you find a book interesting enough and would like to have a look in it, just take it off its shelf and replace it with the place marker. This way you can be sure where you have to put the book back.


The books are arranged on the shelves according to certain rules. Every book has its own place in the library and that is the only way to find them simply and quickly.

To make the orientation easier for you, we have sorted our books:

Books available for on-site use

The reference books can only be used (dictionaries, encyclopedias) in the library as they may be needed any time.

Books that can be borrowed

These have been sorted by their content

Fiction books

  • foldout books, picture-books
  • poetry books
  • tales, novels mesék, meseregények
  • youth literature (adventure, history, biography, animal story, fantastic and girl books)
  • programme compilations
  • comics
  • craftsmen ideas
  • bilingual documents

These books are sorted by the last name of the authors, writers. Or by the title in case there is no original author.

Educational books

They help learning, introduce the reader to a certain field of science, and contain practical and theoretical information. There are a lot of branches of science and even more books about them. To ensure that you can find everything you need, these books have been sorted as well.

The educational books are sorted thematically, and signed by numbers (class mark), according to their content. The first number indicates the main group of science where the book belongs. Books that are about the same topic, get the same class mark, hence are placed next to each other. The exact location is determined by the names of their authors.

Highlighted series:

Books that look alike but are dealing with different subjects had been placed on different shelves.(eg.: Mi Micsoda, Szemtanú, Mit? Miért? Hogyan? –ismeretterjesztés óvodásoknak, 100 állomás – 100 kaland, etc.)

Foreign language books:

They can be found separately. Thematically varied books, great tools for learning languages.


Searching in the collection. Usage of the catalogue.

You can always check the catalogue of the library if you wonder:

Which authors’ books can be found there?

What are the titles of books?

What kind of books are available concerning a given topic?

What series are being collected by the library?

The orientation and search is helped by a computerized catalogue. You can also use the online catalogue from home.