The day of the Hungarian culture in Perkáta

We celebrated the day of the Hungarian culture on 23rd of January, 2013 in Perkáta. On this illustrious day we could enjoy a literary production of high standard by Károly Rékasi presenting Albert Wass’ My Love, Transylvania  :


Károly Rékasi with the members of The Circle of Literature Lovers

‘ The main topic of the performance was the intellectual and psychical pain of the balding writer, who was forced to emigrate from Transylvania after World War 2, and who then spent most of his life far away from his home. We were able to get closer to understand Albert Wass through his poems, letters and parts of his novels. We could have an insight into hidden parts of his life, into the alteration of his connetions, and into his love life. The film montage – based on Count Albert Wass Czegeis’ letters, poems and writings, made by Gábor Koltay (using materials from his own movies and from Albert Wass’ family pictures)- was a particular curiosity of the day. The great technological creation was transformed – with the help of stagemaster Zoltán Tóth – into a literary experience of high artistic value by the astonishing theatrical playing of the performer/actor: Károly Rékasi’

(Zsolt Pavlicsek, head of the Circle of Literature Lovers)